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Please click the link below to watch our tutorial video for detailed instructions on all of the features of your Polycom VVX 400 VoIP Gigabit Desk Phone:

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Video transcript:

Here's how to use your Polycom VVX 400 Desk Phone

Your phone can accept multiple calls, which will be displayed on the line keys in the upper left. Your phone's extension number is displayed just to the right of the Line keys also in the upper left.

Your phone has soft-keys located below the display that change depending on the status of your phone. For example, when you are not in a call, the soft-key options are New Call (which displays your call history), Directory (which brings up the Extensions & Contact Directory), Forward (which allows you to configure call forwarding), and More, which has additional options.

To make a new call, simply dial an extension or outside number with 1 + the area code, and then press the green DIAL soft-key.

To put a call on hold, press the HOLD soft-key or the physical Hold button located at the bottom left of the phone.

To resume a held call, press the RESUME soft-key, or press the flashing red line key button in the top left. If you have multiple held calls, pressing the RESUME key will resume the most recently held call.

To hangup a call, either hang up the handset or press the red END CALL soft-key. If you're in speakphone or headset mode and the handset is already on the receiver, you can also end the call by pressing the glowing Speakerphone or Headset buttons in the lower right.

To Answer a call, either pickup the handset or press the green ANSWER soft-key, or press the Speakerphone button to pickup in speakerphone mode. When in speakerphone mode, the green Speakerphone button in the bottom right of the phone will glow green.

If you have a bluetooth or wired headset connected, the default will be to answer in Headset mode, and the headset button in the bottom right will glow green. To exit out of Headset mode, pickup the handset and press the glowing green Headset button, or press the Speakerphone button to switch to speakerphone mode.

To forward a call to another extension or an outside line, first press the TRANSFR soft-key or the physical Transfer button in the bottom left to bring up the Transfer menu.

There are three options in the Transfer menu: dialing the extension number directly, or pressing the Line or Directory buttons to choose a transfer destination from the home-screen extension shortcut buttons, or the Contact Directory respectively. 

To complete a transfer, you will need to wait for the destination to pickup and then press the TRANSFER button again to complete the transfer.

Polycom features a consultative transfer mode by default, which automatically places the caller on hold and connects you to the transfer destination, so that you can confer with the destination and confirm they want to accept the transfer before completing it by pressing the TRANSFER button a second time.

In default/consultative Transfer mode, as soon as you press the transfer button, the caller will be put on hold, and once you've selected a transfer destination, the system will connect you to the chosen destination.

To complete the transfer, wait until the destination extension has answered the call, then confirm with the destination that you are transferring a call to them, then press the TRANSFER button a second time. The caller will be connected and the transfer will be completed.

Let's try that again, but assume the callee does not want to accept the call, or does not pick up when called.

If the destination does not pick up, eventually we will be connected through to the destination's voicemail (if configured). At this point, we can press TRANSFER again to connect the caller to the destination's voicemail, or we can press CANCEL to return to the caller.

Remember, we have to press the TRANSFER button a second time to complete the transfer. If we reach a voicemail system, it's best to hit CANCEL, which will connect us back with the caller, so we can inform them that the person or extension is not available, then inform the caller we're transferring them to the party's voicemail. We can then either blind transfer the call to the extension, or initiate a normal transfer like before, but press the TRANSFER button again as soon as the voicemail prompt starts playing.

When transferring to voicemail via normal and not blind transfer mode, make sure you press the transfer button a second time as soon as the voicemail system picks up, so the caller can hear the extension's entire voicemail greeting.

If the callee picks up, but does not want to accept the call, you can press the CANCEL soft-key to cancel the transfer, and you'll be re-connected to the caller.

For a traditional transfer feature, you can choose to transfer BLIND by pressing the MORE soft key, then press the BLIND key, which will bring up the blind transfer menu. In this menu, selecting a transfer destination and pressing the ENTER soft-key will immediately transfer the call to the selected destination, without first connecting you to the destination to first speak with the destination extension before completing the transfer.

If you'd like to transfer a call directly to an extension's voicemail, without ringing the extension first, dial *4 and then the extension number, and then press the green SEND soft-key.

Polycom supports 3-way conferencing, much in the same way as transferring. To create a 3-way conference, press the More soft-key while in a call, then press the CONFER soft-key, and choose a destination in the same way as with a transfer. Once you press the CONFER soft-key, the original call will be placed on hold while the phone system dials the third party. Once the third party destination picks up the call, you can confer with the party to confirm that you're creating a conference call with the original party. To complete the conference and connects the two calls together, press the MORE soft-key and then press the CONFER key again to complete the creation of the conference, and connect everyone together. Note, if one party hangs up in a conference, the remaining two parties remain connected to each other.

To create a conference line for more than 3 participants, dial extension 700 or 7000 (depending on the length of your extensions), and then dial any conference ID of your choosing. If prompted for a PIN code, please see your system administrator. Participants can join the conference by dialing extension 700 or 7000 and entering the Conference ID, then Speaking their name at the prompt. Participants will be announced to the conference when they join. When the last member of a conference leaves, the conference will end, and a new conference will need to be created.

If there are available voicemails that have not been marked as read, the status light in the top-right corner of the phone will flash red. To connect to the Voicemail system, press the physical Voicemail button (Envelope) in the bottom left of the phone, or dial extension 9999.

Note: If your extension number is not 4 digits in length [E.G. your extension is 021 and not 7021], enter the same number of '9's to reach the voicemail system as number of digits in your extension. E.G. if your extension is 3 digits in length, dial '999'].

The Envelope icon on your phone allows you to access the Message Center screen, which shows you the number of unread and old messages. You can connect to voicemail from this screen by pressing the CONNECT soft-key. Once connected, enter your Voicemail PIN code when prompted. Your PIN code should be in the Welcome Email you received when the phone system was originally set up.

Note: If you are connecting to the Voicemail system from an external number, you'll need to enter your extension number when prompted first, and then enter your PIN number, when prompted.

Note: To connect to this voicemail system, see the section above titled ACCESSING VOICEMAIL.

Once you're in the Voicemail system for your extension, a voice menu system will ask you to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) followed by “#”. Your PIN number should be listed in the Welcome Email you received when the phone system was originally setup.

The initial options you are presented with after entering your PIN number are:

  • Dial * to play your messages.
  • Dial “9” to go to options.
  • Dial pound “#” to exit.

When you dial “9” for options, the following options will be announced by the voicemail system. Dial the respective numbers to change and update these features:

  • Dialing “1” allows you to change your profile status.
  • Dialing “3” allows you to dial a number.
  • Dialing “4” allows you to delete all read messages.
  • Dialing “5” allows you change your self-identification message.
  • Dialing “6” allows you to play mailbox information.
  • Dialing “7” allows you change your voicemail PIN number.
  • Dialing “8” allows you to change your greeting message.
  • Dialing “9” allows you to restart the voice menu prompts.

By default, new voicemails are also delivered to your e-mail inbox, with a .wav audio file attached to the voicemail. You can play this .wav audio file to listen to the voicemail from any Windows, Mac, or Apple iOS device easily.

Note: If you need to play this .wav file on Android, you'll need to first download and install the Remote Wave Free app from the Google Play Store on your Android device.

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