Using SpamExperts Reports

Once SpamExperts is activated, you will start receiving emails with the subject "SpamExperts Report:" followed by a date range.  These are legitimate emails.

The reports list any emails that the spam filter has quarantined as suspicious, but is unsure of, and it gives you 4 options in the rightmost column of the table for what you can do with a given email:

  • Release - This releases legitimate emails from the quarantine to your inbox.
  • Release and Train - This releases the email like the previous option, but also allows you to tell the spam filter to learn from the content of the email, so it won't quarantine similar emails.
  • Whitelist Sender and Release - Adds the sender to an expected senders list whose emails always get through the spam filter, and then releases the email to your inbox.
  • Blacklist Sender and Remove - Adds the sender to a list of senders that should always be blocked, and deletes the email from the server.

Any emails in the digest that are actual spam, can be safely ignored.  You do not have to choose one of the above options for every email in the digest.

If you wish the view a message in SpamExperts, then you can follow the link in the Subject column of the table in the SpamExperts Report.

If you want to mark a message as spam or add an address to your blacklist that wasn't detected as spam, you can login to the SpamExperts web control panel by navigating to

Note:  Viewing messages in the spam quarantine will require that you set up your SpamExperts login and password.  If you need help setting or resetting your SpamExperts password, then please refer to this article.

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