Installing Human-ISM Remote Screen Connect for Windows

A. Open a web browser and enter the following URL:

For example:


This will cause your browser to start downloading the Human-ISM Remote Screen Connect installer. Once completed, double-click on the completed download to launch it:

In Internet Explorer, the download will ask if you want to Save it. Click Save:

In Windows 10, Edge may inform you that the file is not commonly downloaded and could harm you computer. Click Run:

In Chrome, you can launch the downloaded installation file by clicking on the sc.msi icon in the lower-left of the browser window:

In Firefox, you can launch the downloaded installer file by clicking on the (1) Downloads icon in the top right, and then double-clicking the (2) sc.msi icon:


Windows 10: After launching the sc.msi file you may need to click (1) More Info and/or (2) Run Anyway if you get a warning that this application may put your PC at risk, or that the file is not commonly downloaded:

Windows 7: you may need to click the flashing Yellow & Blue Security Shield icon in your Taskbar to allow the application to run:


3. That's it! There are no installation screens you need to click through. Once the icon of red and grey boxes appears in the system tray list of icons (in the lower-right corner of your screen), the install is complete:


C. IMPORTANT: Please make sure to set your computer not to go to sleep automatically when plugged into power. You can do this in the Power Options Control Panel menu, which can be reached by:

1. Clicking the Start Menu (Windows logo in the lower-left of your screen)

2. Typing in "Power Options" on your keyboard (in Windows 10 there is no search field, you can just start typing and it will appear)

3. Clicking on the Power Options icon that is displayed in the search results:

4. Note the power plan you have selected (it will have a filled-in radio button and the text will be in bold)

5. Click "Change plan settings":

6. Under "Put the computer to sleep" select "Never" from the drop down list

7. Click Save Changes: